Cold Steel Leatherneck vs Ka-bar – Vote for the best steel

As we all know, Cold Steel Ltd. is one of the finest brands in the cutlery industry. Cold Steel has dedicated diverse, varied products to create best spyderco knives and tools not only for self-defense professionals but also for everyday carry life for over decades.

But now we’re going to put Ka-bar in this competition against Cold Steel in marine EDC field. Ka-bar has a long established reputation for these types of knives. So how it comes down to?

  1. Who designed “it” first?

Definitely, Ka-bar knives came first, and once was the champion in every marine combat and situation. But then Cold Steel brand become so strong and has put their hands in every field. Cold Steel Leatherneck has the look-alike design (upgraded version) with the old Ka-bar, with a stunning publicity behind and uses-for-all purposes in its description. You can check some best edc fix blade knife at our collection.

Advanced photography skills with making videos in cameras – Using in the Voting for Granato campaign

Even though taking photos and filming are done in camera, all of them require performers to have specific skills even their best slow motion camera or something like that. So what are they and how can photographers do those? Here is the answer.

Recently, DSLR cameras on the market are ready with functions regarding HD video. However, there are some differences between making videos by cameras with lens and ones without a lens. However, this mode is sometimes annoying because of slow speed and inaccuracy even when you have chosen the best lenses for Canon 80D before.

When new system of government can save america?

Completely new separate system for money creation with the incorporation of many “new money” delivery systems is the solution to reducing the first major flaw of capitalism. This reform is by far the most important economic decision to be made. To help you do your own historical research, we have narrowed down our recommended resources to four major books:

The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga,The Bubble & Beyond or Killing the Host by Michael Hudson, The Secrets of the Temple by William Greider, and Sovereign Money, Beyond Reserve Banking by Joseph Huber (recommended for academics and economists). Additional web resources include:, www. soverignmoney. eu,and