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Advanced photography skills with making videos in cameras

Even though taking photos and filming are done in camera, all of them require performers to have specific skills even their best slow motion camera or something like that. So what are they and how can photographers do those? Here is the answer. Recently, DSLR cameras on the market are ready with functions regarding HDRead More

When new system of government can save america?

Completely new separate system for money creation with the incorporation of many “new money” delivery systems is the solution to reducing the first major flaw of capitalism. This reform is by far the most important economic decision to be made. To help you do your own historical research, we have narrowed down our recommended resourcesRead More

Vote for Senate – How we can earn more money

RESEARCH & EVIDENCE for TRUE MONETARY REFORM This issue is so macro economically important and opaque that I have listed books and other research below to provide evidence that monetary reform that ends debt-created money is an absolute necessity! I have listed them in order of importance: The Lost Science of Money by Stephen ZarlengaRead More

How we can reform the money and bank system to save America

13- The fiscal systems operate on a much more diversified basis. There are many governments— federal, county, and city. In those governments, there are many delivery systems—military, police, fire, Medicare, Social Security, education, and welfare, both social and corporate. Why shouldn’t new money be more diversified? 14. Credit risk formulas and models currently used byRead More

Money and what we can do for the USA

Truths about Money Debt (loans) is the only way we currently get new money into circulation2. Money is not scarce! It takes a simple push of a computer keyboard to create3. The cost of this creation is ZERO ($o) except for excess inflation. There is a small cost for distribution There is no such thing asRead More


December 23, 2013 marked the 100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act, which created the Central Bank for the United States. The Federal Reserve is called a central bank. Other important central banks are: The Bank of Japan, The Bank of England, and the European Union’s Central Bank. These central banks are basically the fourthRead More