Cold Steel Leatherneck vs Ka-bar – Vote for the best steel

As we all know, Cold Steel Ltd. is one of the finest brands in the cutlery industry. Cold Steel has dedicated diverse, varied products to create best spyderco knives and tools not only for self-defense professionals but also for everyday carry life for over decades.

But now we’re going to put Ka-bar in this competition against Cold Steel in marine EDC field. Ka-bar has a long established reputation for these types of knives. So how it comes down to?

  1. Who designed “it” first?

Definitely, Ka-bar knives came first, and once was the champion in every marine combat and situation. But then Cold Steel brand become so strong and has put their hands in every field. Cold Steel Leatherneck has the look-alike design (upgraded version) with the old Ka-bar, with a stunning publicity behind and uses-for-all purposes in its description. You can check some best edc fix blade knife at our collection.

  1. Who uses the best materials for blades?

Cold Steel has always been an enigma of sorts. Its Carbon V was reasonably decent steel for the marine uses knives series. But Cold Steel has tons of collection; they improve their products and change every day. The newest Cold Steel Leatherneck Series announced to be made from tough D2 Tool Steel with a non-reflective black powder coat finish on their official website. The D-series of the cold-work class of tool steel contains high carbon-chromium (10% – 13% which is pretty high compare to others. Due to the high amount of carbon-chromium, D Tool Steels are often considered as stainless or semi-stainless at least. However, for more information, the corrosion resistance might be very limited because of the precipitation of the majority of chromium and carbon constituents as carbides.

Most people don’t know or not really sure how the Ka-bar was made? They became a big fan of these knives because their dads, their grand-dads, their grand-grand-dads had been through wars then wars carrying a Ka-bar. Recently, Ka-bar promotes theirs brand to the market, the name might sound familiar but the brand-ads run not strongly as other brands.

  1. Who has the best blades?

Materials are the core, but there’re more to consider about the blades.

Cold Steel website claims:”The Cold Steel Leatherneck Series is comprised of two distinct and iconic blade styles, both of which have proven to be exceptionally popular with our brothers and sisters in the armed forces: The Leatherneck-SF”. These Cold Steel Leatherneck knives have a beautiful hand honed saber ground clip point blade. And the Leatherneck Tanto (special edition) features Cold Steel “American Tanto” signature blade with a stout reinforced tip for extra strength. Everything seems to be worth the price?

What does Ka-bar offer its customers? People said their Ka-bar knives have the sharpest blades of all kinds. Although, Ka-bar blades are always bigger, larger than their competitors in the same knife size and field. Ka-bar blades are also thicker (or make you feel fuller, thicker when you’re holding a Ka-bar), so the choice now depends on how you like your hands feel.

  1. Who comes out good for handling?

Cold Steel handle part could win any kind of competition here, with the best handle designer ever, the Cold Steel handle is just “fit”, not too big, not too small.  The Cold Steel Leathernecks has an extra wide, full tang. Its handle is capped with a thick, machined steel butt cap (not cheap casting or plastic like some others on the market – claim by Cold Steel Ltd.) so it can even double as a hammer in an emergency case.

On the other hands, Ka-bar is still receiving complains on the Internet about the “rat-tail” handle, which is becoming the main concern with people with the barrowing down suddenly at the handle with two right angles. We can use the extension of the blades to explain why; if the blade extends down the handle the whole way, and is attached to the butt/pommel. So the knife handle is not full tang either though. Lots of customers wouldn’t worry about the Ka-bar not being solid anyway. Loyalty fans have put their expectations on Kabar Next-gens, “people still like Ka-bar, though they don’t really like its folder for the size of the blade the size of the knife is ridiculously large” – said one comment on survivallistboards.

  1. Who is lighter?

Cold Steel Leatherneck’s weight is 12.2 oz, approximately 350 g – quite acceptable.

But Ka-bar also receives lots of good comment for being lighter than its look. “It has a good weight for light chopping and batoning and it’s still tough as nails” – said one recommendation about Ka-bar on bladesforum. So Ka-bar is comparative.

  1. Who is worth the money?

Always check your budget before consider which knife to buy. And, always re-check the price if it’s really worth the price itself.

Sometimes, Cold Steel makes us think about how much we pay for the brand because all of the advertisements, significant features and too many extra options for one model of knife.

Ka-bar is still a baby in marketing, things make you fall in love with the knife aren’t come from online – offline ads, you choose the knife truly because its quality. And obviously, Ka-bar is always cheaper somehow (maybe for not providing worldwide shipping or 24/24 customer care services as good as Cold Steel and others opponents).

In conclusion, these two knives paired are both unbeatable. Follow your feelings to choose one or go with both (one is in your pack; the other is under the belt – best plan ever), if you have the different vote with us, please comment.